About Sondra Hersh


Sondra Hersh

Sondra Hersh is a Northern California artist who creates sculpted paintings using acrylics, precious stones, glass, and sacred items from everyday life.

Her works reflect spirituality, interest in the unseen, freedom, joy, inner vision, and playfulness.

For each series or client, Sondra's involvement and dialogue with her work is unique. This process of focused attention then informs the color, texture, composition, and spirit of each work.


Sondra has studied, created, and taught for over thirty years. Most important to her are the many creative collaborations in which her art is represented as well as the joy of having her art reside in the homes of many clients around the world. Sondras’ work can also be found in public spaces such as Auburn Sutter Faith Hospital , Hospice Garden, Woman's Imaging and the Lobby, Temple Or Rishon, Neveda City Jewish Community Center, Chabbad Of Roseville, Placer Community Foundation.