Saturday, November 09, 2013

Stan Padilla Insights on Sondra as an Artist and Teacher

Sondra Hersh - Gratitude

Sondra is highly disciplined and knowledgeable in her art making skills. she is able to affect other because she has a developed sense of intuition, is compassionate, understanding of the innate skills of others. She is able to work with students in a respectful manner through the use of stories and metaphors. She is able to transfer the professional artistic process because of the depth of her understanding of art history, psychology and her ability of positive communication. She is truthful, honest and cares about people.

Sondra lives her artistic and spirtual philosophy and is able to express this passion through a well developed sense of wisdom. She has a genuine sense of the transformative art process experience and is committed to seeing that her artistic presence serves a greater purpose.

Sondra is consistent and committed to personal health and well being through prayer, learning, meditation and exercise. She is grounded in learning that supports personal development such as taking workshops, reading, traveling. She is an avid seeker of knowledge and how that knowledge can benefit others. Sondra and I have shared any experiences where I have been able to directly observe her interacting with individuals and group of diverse life experiences. She has a rare gift of transending personal/ social/ religious experiences to honor the universal human spirit that unites us all. Our relationship, for example, is a testament to this fact. I am racially/ culturally Native Americian, she is Jewish. She is passionate, social and outwardly expressive. I am a methodical , private and inwardly expressive. She is pro active in her pursuit of the arts. I am accepting of whatever comes of my expression. She is a mother, grandmother. I am a father, grandfather. Our relationship transcends these aspects and flourishes beacause Sondra's attitude is large enough to include all of this yet able to focus on the transformation of the human spirit.

Sondra is a light which attracts others because she is nurturing, giving, and helpful. She speaks the truth and has the gift of strength to confront human obstructions in a way that offers alternatives in a very kind manner. An example is that students emulate her positive lifeways and bring other students and family members to meet her as a role model. Some students model the artistic work after her example." Written by Stan Padilla,Atist, Teacher, Friend I share this in gratitude and love, Sondra

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