Tuesday, August 20, 2013



"The children of Israel were blessed with innate characteristics: compassion , humility and kindness. The virtue of compassion, however, is the source of kindness and righteousness and leads to positive action without ulterior motives. It has been the hallmark of Jewish life throughout the ages and has been ingrained in the Jewish psyche, beginning with our ancestors and remaining so through the centuries. True compassion reflects a selfless attitude and the ability to place oneself in another's situation. It is full acceptance of another human being, connecting with strong feeling, enthusiasm, and sensitivity. Similarly, our soul also begs for compassion and seeks freedom from physical confinement. More so the Torah teaches us to " Love G-d and follow in all His ways." How can one possibly follow in G-ds ways? Commentary clarifies this in simple words: " As He is compassionate, so shall you be compassionate; as He is kind, so shall you be. As we walk in G-ds ways with compassion,let us remember that we are partnering with the Divine. By: Susha Alperowitz, Hunington Beach, CA

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